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New York City Uncontested Divorces


I recently had a client contact my firm inquiring about an Uncontested Divorce her attorney filed for her in 2016 that was still not competed after two years. She indicated to me that she went to the Court and learned that the papers filed by the attorney were rejected by the court and several corrections needed to be made.  When she contacted her attorney he ignored her requests and shortly thereafter started ignoring her phone calls. She came to my office frustrated that she had spent two years and her hard earned money on what was supposed to be a "simple" uncontested divorce. I am happy to report that we have received a Final Judgment of Divorce for my client.

An Uncontested Divorce in New York City is a divorce where both spouses agree to divorce a there is an agreement about what will happen to their children, finances and property, if any, after the divorce. If any issues are unresolved, it is not considered an Uncontested Divorce. Both spouses will be required to sign the uncontested divorce papers. Usually an appearance in Court is not necessary in an Uncontested Divorce. 

Generally, the Uncontested Divorce process in New York City is as follows:

  1. At your initial consultation, The Law Office of Crystal R. Villasenor, PLLC will discuss the various issues regarding your divorce, explain the divorce process and answer any questions you may have. 

  2. Once you have retained, The Law Office of Crystal R. Villasenor, PLLC to represent you in your divorce, an attorney will meet with you to prepare a Summons & Complaint, this meeting will take approximately 45 mins. 

  3. Once the Summons & Complaint is prepared my firm will file it with the New York County Clerk's office. A Supreme Court index number will then be assigned to your file, initiating your divorce proceedings. 

  4. A copy of the Summons & Complaint will be sent to your spouse for review and signature. (Your spouse is free to have an attorney review the documents and explain their rights and responsibilities under the agreement.) Once your spouse signs the documents and returns them to our office, we will schedule an appointment for you to come in and sign additional documents. 

  5. Once all documents are fully executed by you and your spouse, our office will prepare all required divorce documents and submit them to the court for a Judgment of Divorce. 

  6. Once your papers are submitted to the Court, they will be reviewed and signed by a Judge, this can take approximately three to nine months depending on the County and the Judge. 

  7. Once my office receives notice of the Final Judgment of Divorce, you will be immediately notified that you are legally divorced. 

Lastly, there is no such thing as an expedited, quick, or fast divorce in New York City. Even if the papers are done without any errors an uncontested divorce case could take anywhere between 3-9 months before a Judgment is entered, due to a backlog of cases in New York City Courts. 

The Law Office of Crystal R. Villasenor, PLLC charges a flat fee for Uncontested Divorces in New York City.

To learn more about New York City Divorces visit our FAQ page or contact our office to schedule a consultation.